Hello it has been a little bit since I have been on here. I have got a lot done mainly my college crap :). My G.P.A is 3.8 so that is pretty good.


Man my dog got off the leash yesterday and got into the trash it was a mess. I thought it was a bear at first but oh noooo it was the darn dog. We have a lot of wild animals out here.. I love Three Rivers. One night I was on my way home and I almost ran into a bear it was scary. The Bear was not like you see on TV it was all shaggy and walking really slow even though I almost plowed into it with my Mom’s Alta ma, it would have totaled her car.. I drive an expedition it would still have totaled it…


Man I miss Sarah she moved up to Trinidad with Damon, they are up there with his Mom, Missy and her husband to be Luis they are the nicest people really down to earth. Also Alex Damon’s brother who is the Ever quest King ( OHYEAHH ) Go ever- quest go, he is really good at it. Sarah was wanting to start some kind of Ever quest theme park so that you could dress up and act like your in the game. I think it would work, I know I would go to it. She could make millions!!! correction I could make millions!!! MUAHHHHH..