Man I am so happy today OH YEAH. My boyfriend’s son the one who cusses me out all the time and treats me like shit. Well he got into a fight with his brother and sister. They started screaming outside and then proceeded to hit each other it was a mess. I ran outside to see what was going on and their dad was out there screaming at them to stop. The oldest told his dad to f**k off, threw his Pepsi can at him then started running. His dad went after him telling him to stop or he was going to get it. The kid called him a F**king bastard. I just looked at my sister and started laughing. You know that old saying couldn’t be more true “What comes around goes around.” When my boyfriend came through the front door red faced and all out of breath I looked at him and said the same thing he says to me when his kid does this to me ” Why did you provoke that kid into saying that to you this is your fault leave that poor boy alone.  heheheheheh after I said that I started running he looked like he wanted to kill me. Good thing I had on my brand new tennis shoes and I am in better shape then him lmfao.