OK so much for the not calling Amy in Taiwan hahah. Man I have called her more then what I am suppose to. Oh well I miss her and this is killing me. I will continue to call her because I can’t go that long without hearing from my Amy Beth. She is missing us the same as we miss her. She is going to an all girls school and not liking it one bit except for the learning Chinese  language classes. She goes for like 10 hours a day for crying out loud I would go insane being in a class room that long 5 days a week. Geesh no wonder everything is made in Taiwan or China they are the smartest people due to being in a class room all day and night practically lmao. Hopefully this year will go by quickly and she will be home.


Today is cloudy and I think it will rain which is a good thing because I love the rain. I heard a little bit of thunder this morning and thought I hope it pours. I am looking out my window and seeing the field that  Max use to run and play in he died a couple of days ago. We don’t know what exactly happened to him but the vet said that it looked like he was hit with an object very hard directly on his spine. Blunt trauma is what the vet called it. I want to know who did this to Max and how could they hurt a poor innocent animal as gental as Max was.  We had him on a sleeping bag and pillow in the flower bed so that he could have some fresh air hoping he would recover but he didn’t. Catherine took strips of his pillow and wore it around her wrist as a reminder of him. He was a part of our family and we miss him very much. Max was loyal and brave at heart he had such courage and love for us we will never find another faithful loving dog as him. Sarah was with him at the end when they put the needle in his precious foot it only took about 15 seconds for him to fall asleep, Sarah cried so hard, Max was her baby. Sarah and Damon buried him under his favorite tree that he played under as a puppy. Ok I need to stop now I am starting to cry see ya tomorrow