Well today is Sunday and I am bored to death hahaha. Didn’t do to much just read my Romance novel and vegged.

One of my favorite books that I have ever read is called Fire and Ice, man I loved that book. Captain Reed Taylor and Kathleen Anne were the main characters. She hated him and he thought she was a spitfire, but that changed after awhile until the physical attraction got to be to much 🙂

Kathleen dressed as a pirate and fought her husband in several sea battles. She is a red head and dyed her hair black, he never knew it was her but wanted her so badly he couldn’t stand it. She could wield a mean rapier with the best of them, and went by the alias of Emerald.

This book is why I picked the screen name of Lady Pirate well hmm and some of the things I do online well let’s just say hack hack and did I say hacking? hahaha

Anywho till the next time bye 🙂