Wow you know that old saying what comes around goes around? Well it just happened to my sister. She had a warrant for a long time and she thought she could out run the cops. Boy was she in for the surprise of her life, the cops showed up at my door. I was at  Ashley’s house doing my laundry when I get this message on my phone from Frankie telling me that my sister Paige wanted me to come home right away it was an emergency. Ok so I go home and Paige is out front. I ask her what happened she said that the cops came to my house and arrested Carla. Man what a shock that was. Come to find out Carla told the cops that Paige was her and went to sneak out the bedroom window when they nabbed her. She is not only going to get it for her original crime which I think was intent to sell but now she will get it for lying to the cops. Yeah not to bright but we are talking Carla here. I hope she gets out soon I miss her but I think she will get at least a couple of months. Well not much else to write about today, Until the next time bye 🙂