I went to see my sister today she’s in jail. I went in and she was so happy to see Sarah and I. She had makeup on and her hair was done, she looked really nice and happy. She new something was wrong because I couldn’t hide the expression on my face, she knows me to well. My heart aches from the loss and I didn’t know how to tell her that the love of her life died suddenly, his heart stopped. She was looking at me through the glass window holding the phone up to her ear waiting for me. Sarah talked to her first while I went over to the guard. I wanted to make sure that she had a counselor or some one along those lines to talk to after the visit.

She cried so hard and I couldn’t reach out and hold her or even touch her hand. The woman that was sitting right next to her reached over and gave her a hug, I was thankful for that. Luis was a caring giving man and that is what I will remember about him. All the times when I needed food or gas for my car, he was there no questions asked. He was the funniest guy with a sense of humor that no matter what mood you were in he always made you laugh your ass off. I remember a time when I lived in Three Rivers and I was going through that shit with my ex, my sister and I was going to come down the hill to catch my ex at a bar. The only thing that sucked about it we were coming down at midnight lol. I only had 15 miles till empty but I was so frieking mad I got in that Expedition of mine and headed out. When I was off the mountain and almost to Lemon Cove my car was sputtering and I was shitting bricks, the whole time Carla was laughing her ass off. She got on that phone to Luis and said baby I am with Terri and we are sucking fumes, I don’t think we are going to make it to Visalia.

Luis was like you and your harebrained sister are crazy. He said that I reminded him of Lucy and Carla was Ethel heheheh. We barely coasted into a gas station, I thought we were going to have to push it to the pump hahhaha. But Luis showed up and helped us with gas money and bought us something to drink. While we were waiting for him to get there Carla and I was laughing so hard I was like man I can’t believe we actually made it 🙂

Luis was always there for any of his friends he had your back no matter what. I can’t believe he is gone. He loved my sister with the heart of 500 men all rolled up in one. He went and seen her about 2 weeks ago telling her how much he loved her and was going to be there to pick her up when she got out. Only he won’t be there I will, I will be bringing her home.

We LOVE YOU LUIS!!!!!!!  till next time bye