It was so frieakin cold last night I was freezing my ass off. The wind was biting and I could see my breath. I went out to the jail to pick up my sister, they released her, I guess the jail was getting to full and they had to start letting some of them go. I don’t know why they pick midnight to start they need to wait till it is at least light. She came out of the side door with some friend of hers that needed a ride. I was like yeah it’s cool I wouldn’t want to be left out there with no ride and cold. This place is about 5 or so miles from Visalia. I went to 7-eleven to get us a coffee and her some smokes, she hadn’t had a cigg for about a month. While we were on our way she calls a close friend of Luis’s and hers and he met us at the store. 

Today is a day to find out a few things the How When Why and Who. Some thing just donesn’t sound right about this whole thing. Anywho I am off of here, so until the next time.  Bye