Hey everyone there is two websites that are so funny and worth going to. pbear_79 I love his qotes for the day he is so awsome 🙂 and he makes ya go HMMM?    Here is the other one Pookie_johnson he has the funniest shit on there I laughed my ass off hahahha. Amy you have to go to his site you and him remined me of each other. I trust that all of you are doing well on this rainy dim dark Sunday? I love this weather there is nothing like it.

Ok here is something that I want to share with ya’ll some tidbits of wisdom that will make you question the history books. John Smith and the myth, of Pocohontas. The myth: John Smith and Pocohontas were in love when her father tried to chop Smith’s head off,Pocohontas put her own neck on the line and begged her father to spare her beloved. Background: John Smith told people that this occured.

The truth: Smith probably made it up. He did know Pocohontas in Jamestown but they weren’t an item.All that’s known about her is that “she apparently entertained the colonists by performing cartwheels in the nude”.    Imagine that huh heheheh 🙂   Anywho until the next time bye 🙂