Missy and Luis had a little baby girl!!!! 🙂 I am so happy for them.  This is Missy’s first daughter and Luis very first baby ever. They named her Nadine, now that is a little different but pretty. They are getting ready to move to Three Rivers from Trinidad. They bought a beautiful home up there, I am so excited for them. Man I miss it up there not Wally but the mountains. Oh well now I can go up and visit Missy, Luis and the baby 🙂 Stop by the River View Restaurant have a diet soda and shoot some pool. I am not very good at it but I give it my all when I do try to play, damn that black ball it loves me hahah. It calls my name “hit me Terri come on hit me” and I”ll be damned if I don’t knock it in the hole every time grrrr 🙂


I think I have my dryer problem fixed well I hope so anyways. Ok this is what Carla and I did, we took the dryer vent thingy and put it in a small trash can put plastic over the top and then put a towel over it, it works. I don’t have a dryer hook up in this apartment and the plug on the back of the dryer is a 220 so I took it off and put a 110, now it says on the back of the dryer that either cord will work. It turns on and gets hot 🙂 The vent isn’t very long so I couldn’t run it out the kitchen window drat but the trash can worked just fine. My mom suggested that I put the dryer in the kitchen, I was like how okiefied it that shit, hell no trying to run the vent out the window was as okie fied as I was going to get hahah at least I can hide the trash can 🙂 I was like Mom this is not Arkansas and my Grandpa is not my brother hehehe. Serious though I have the cutest apartment I like it. I have nice furniture so I am sitting pretty. And I can’t wait till school starts, cause all I need are those certificates and I am going to make a lot of money. I am already certified in hardware for the A+ now all I need is the Operating system. I do make money on the side by fixing and installing Operating systems and trouble shooting peoples computers. I was going to college for computer support tech training but I had to stop for awhile because I had to be put in the hospital for a massive Kidney problem I almost died. So I am ready to start again and I am really excited about this. My whole goal is to get through school and get that job. I don’t know I might have to commute to Fresno, pays more there. All of my family lives here in Visalia and I really don’t want to move there it is to far away. My brother Shane that lives in Seattle Washington wants me to move out there and I was thinking about it but man that is a major move, I would have to get paid big bucks hahah. Anywho hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!! until next time bye 🙂