This is Amy Beth whom I miss and love very much, I hope she is having a Merry Christmas!!!!:) Taiwan is 15 hours ahead of us here so it is her tomorrow today 🙂 I hope she is not alone, I hate to think of her spending Christmas by herself 😦 Being alone is not fun.) She called me today and she sounded sad, I wish she was here, I can’t wait till February so that she will be home. She is anxious to start college, and her new life once she gets back to the States.


Today was a little hectic I spent most of my morning with my sister Paige, we still had a little more things to get before Christmas. I love the holidays, the cozy feeling of friends and family is awesome, I know that sounds kinda like a hallmark saying but it is true 🙂 half of the bulbs on the Christmas tree are off  because 3 yr old Joshua has decorated it over and over and over again 🙂 But that is ok cause come Christmas night I am putting all the ornaments back in the boxes with the lights and throwing that messy tree in the dumpster, well ok that is what I would like to do 🙂 I probably will keep it till new years. Anywho I Wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!! until the next time bye 🙂