The dating sene is for the birds, I really feel this way. It is very complicated and just plain exhausting. Ok for one you have to go thru the part of meeting the person as awkward as that is and then you start the journey of getting to know them. This is the part that is the hardest for me because of all the doubts of does he like me or is he being polite? Another question am I the only one he is seeing or is he a player which I don’t have time for,I want some one that is genuinly interested in getting to know me, not just another notch on thier belt, or just another woman that they can take or leave. I personaly don’t want to get involved with a man like that they are creeps and are only in it for themselves. Some of the warning signs are they never come to your house they only want you at there house after dark. You never see them in there regular street clothes, only in there pajamas. The only place you are ask to go to with them is to bed. When a man does not come to your house or take you out or wants to know how your day went, these are warning signs of a player. If you have to text,call and bug to get there attention then Lady give it up they are in it for one thing and one thing only, it is called HE JUST ISN’T INTO YOU KICK HIS ASS TO THE CURB.

For one thing all of you ladies out there we need to protect ourselves against men like that becaues if they do not value us enough to even go out of there way one little bit then they are just not worth it, why should we go out of ours. I want to know where the hell are all of the good men? I think I am to nice and a push over I try to do everything I can to make some one else happy and sacrifice my own happiness and I think that is ok up to a point but you know what not anymore. I am standing up as of today and saying that if a man wants my attention he better be genuin and not just wanting a little somthin somthin between the sheets. If he does not start coming to my house and calling me and shows some interest in my day then he knows where the door is so dont’ let the door hit your ass on the way out. Just my thoughts on the dating sene 🙂  until the next time bye 🙂