This is my sister Paige when she was an internet chatting junkie Queen 🙂 She took this pic with a web cam that is why it is all fuzzy. She went to the surgeon today and he didnt’ want to even touch it, he said that it might be a toumor. So she is going back to her doctor and they are going to send her for an MRI. The surgeon also said that she might have to go to Stanford, I think that is in SanFransico. I am starting to get worried because if it was somthing simple you would think that things would be going a little smoother instead of all this talk of Toumors and the surgeon won’t touch it. Paige doesn’t act worried and she is in good spirits but my mom and I are like starting to friek out a little. Of course we are not showing this to her she thinks that we are just fine, we dont’ want to get her upset. The kids are asking what is wrong with Mommy and we are telling them nothing is wrong everything is fine. Thank you every one for praying for her, it means alot to myself and my family 🙂 Until the next time bye 🙂