This weekend started out ok my landlord drove all the way from Watsonville to check up on us tenants. My neighbor complained about my sister Carla’s dogs, grrr because he doesn’t’ like me. When I first moved into this place Paige was leaving to go down to the store and when she backed out of the parking stall he claimed that she hit his truck!!! Bullshit she did not he is a liar, she would have felt that and Catherine was with her and they both said that he was lying. He told me that he didn’t want to call the police and do a report for the insurance we could just settle this right now. I was like dude you better get out of my face, I want you to call the police this is ridiculous I am not paying a damn thing just because you say so!!! Needless to say him and I do not get along so he told the landlord about the dogs. When the landlord came he looked around and said everything’s good the dogs can visit but of course not live here. He asked how everything was going and did I need any repairs done, just general stuff like that. So no mad landlord he was really nice and wasn’t mean at all 🙂 and come to find out instead of going by his name of Rudolfo he goes by Roody.


It was really funny though because of his name  hahah which reminded me of when I lived in Texas I owned a huge bad ass Road Island Red Rooster! named Roody heheh. This rooster was so mean he would chase all the kids in the trailer park, yes I lived in a trailer park in a double wide trailer and I loved it 🙂 oh yes I was the double wide trailer trash queen heheh. Anyways he was meaner then hell I filled this squirt gun with vinegar and water, I kept it on the front porch just to shoot at the rooster if he got to fiesty it calmed him down. That’s were I get the saying I”m full of vinegar today 🙂 The previous owner use to have him in the house he would hand feed him and watch tv. So whenever I would leave the back door open he would just walk in and you could hear him on the kitchen floor with this weird clucking sound he made. When the owner moved out of the park he didn’t want him anymore and just tossed him out and left him, poor baby I took him in. I sure miss that rooster and living in the country. I miss Texas as well I loved living there. Anywho hope everyone has a Merry Monday until the next time bye 🙂