I have been very sick since yesterday. My back hurt a little then my stomache and my head was pounding. I felt like crap it’s awful, to feel this way. I don’t get sick that often but when I do man it is a whammy. I took one of my sister’s 800mg of ibrup and I feel alot better.

Ashley brought me a bunch of shoes over and man there are some in there that are so tall I would break my neck if I tried to walk in them. My sister Carla is mad at me cause I didn’t want her going thru the shoes, I was like man I haven’t even went thru them and then she is going to start taking them I don’t’ think so. Now she is on the phone talking shit to our sister Dale in Tulare about me. I don’t give a shit she can talk all she wants to whatever. She doesn’t work and I pay for everything but she want’s to call all the shots. She can take her butt right to Dales I don’t  care at this moment.

I went to the college and I am taking Cisco Networking Academy and a weightlifting class starting on Wednesday. I am really excited about it, the way I figure it I will take the weightlifting class but not as a grade. After the first couple of times you go then you can pretty much go in and do whatever you want. This way I can get in my weights without going to a gym pretty cool huh? hehe. I think I am going to focus on my school and don’t do the dating game. Dating is to hard and shit just when you think they like you wham they are going out with some one else or looking behind your back. No thank you!! They don’t want a relationship they just want to well you know. What is the matter here women are good enough to do the hoky poky with but not good enough to be with as a girlfriend.  I am not even going to look at any man in my life! OK not in my life but for at least several years. I see a lot of women and they have really nice men that love them and I wonder how do they do it. How did they manage to attract decent men. All I seem to attract is men that have an instant hardon geesh don’t’ they understand that I have a brain and it works! What I should do is cut my hip length hair all the way to my ears. Gain a 100 lbs, don’t wear makeup and wear the ugliest clothes then maybe I can get a decent guy. As it is now they only want one thing and that is not to get to know me, well at least the part that counts the most 🙂 OK I feel better, until the next time bye 🙂