I have been so busy with getting ready for school and then my sister Paige and her doctor visits. I haven’t had time to write on here. Paige went and did her MRI last week and then they had her into the surgeon in Reedley, they did a biopsy on her leg two days ago. She went and seen a Cancer Specialist yesterday and he is kinda worried about the mole that she had removed on the same leg last September. Her mole was the size of a half dollar and shaped irregular, and it bled. I told her to go and get it checked so they did a biopsy on it and it came out negative. Now they are starting to think that maybe this thing spread from her mole to her upper leg. She goes back to Reedley tomorrow to the surgeons office to get the results, I hope everything is ok and this is somthing other then Cancer.  Paige is in good spirits and acts like nothing is wrong so I am praying that she is right.

I started school yesterday, and as I was walking on campus I started to get that feeling of high school all over again and I wanted to run back to my car and not go  hahah. I had to crash both courses, I was so nervous 🙂 I am really excited about this Networking class it is going to be good. I walked into the room and everyone was so friendly and nice,I felt comfortable. One other good thing is that my cd rom drive on my comp at home was acting up and the Instructor just gave me two of them, I was like heck yeah!!! This is not an easy course and it is going to take some work, but it is so worth it. The neat thing about this is that I am in Cisco Networking one, there are four of them. All courses are in this one class so I am not just hearing part one but all of them 🙂 That is so cool.Next week I am going to crash a PC repair class for the units so I will be pretty busy, plus a step aerobic class. I also am registered for weightlifting  twice a week. All in all I am really happy 🙂  Until the next time bye 🙂