My sister Paige and cousin Ally went to Reedley to find out about the test results on her leg, not good. The biopsy showed that she has Malignant Melanoma Cancer, and she has been referred to USLA Medical center in LA. I am taking her to see a Radiologist on the 3rd of February. The surgeon here does not feel comfortable taking the tumor out. There is a 10 to 15% chance that he would get it all. Paige did not take this well she was crying in the doctor’s office and shaking Ally said. This is my sister and I always help her and fix anything that goes wrong, she can turn to me and I do whatever it takes to make things better. I can’t do that this time, I cried for 30 min after the phone call with Ally. I had to go and put cold water on my face and try to look normal so that when Paige got here she wouldn’t know. I have to be a strong rock for her to lean on so that she won’t get that scared, but I am scared I am scared to death. Melanoma is some deadly shit, not to mess around with. I have went on the Internet and did some research on this, there is good chances for her but only if she is at certain stages. We don’t’ know what stage she is in and we won’t know that until after we see the doctor in LA. So I am asking everyone again to please pray for her, she needs lots.

Joshua had surgery on his tooth today at Happy Bear dentistry, one of the best dentist in town. At this dentist office they put the children to sleep so that they won’t get traumatized and that is what they did with Josh. They put an iv in his hand and he feel asleep, of course I was freaking out the whole time thinking this better go well. It did and now he is all better and running around as if nothing ever happened. I made the huge mistake of letting him snack on gummie bears, worms  during the day and not thinking it was eating a cavity right into his tooth, so no more sweets unless tooth brushing comes immediately after 🙂 On a different note my school is going really well, I am learning a lot of new things and the teacher is so awesome!!! I had no idea that I could install winxp on 128 ram and 20 hardrive. We installed it on the comp at school with 128 and only 6 hardrive. I have been a busy bee with studying and now that I have the books it makes it so much nicer. The weightlifting class is going good as well, as I am sitting here with my legs, butt, arms, you name it I am sore 🙂 But I feel good at the same time hahah. Anywho I am going to bed so until the next time bye 🙂