I went to LA yesterday with my sister Paige and our mother. We went to UCLA medical center and man that place is huge! The directions they gave us was kinda confusing, get off at the second Willshire blvd ext not the first. Well there is no second exit unless you get off at the first then travel down but noooo they didn’t’ specify that. So we had to turn around go back and get off at the first exit. Finally we arrived after back tracking several times because I kept missing the exits lol. The drivers down there are crazy they cut in front of you and drive a zillion miles an hour, thank goodness I was driving Paige’s dads brand new mustang 🙂 Now that car ROCKS!!!!! I took that baby on a little test drive before I picked Paige and mom up hehehe. I punched it and it knocked me back in my seat I was like YaHooooooo hehhe, I feel the need for speed, now that’s what I am talking about! I coulda been a speed car racer baby 🙂 Anyway’s we parked the car and headed up to see the Cancer doctor. The doctor said that she will not get her radiation treatment there because she would have to have it every day for like 5 weeks straight and man that is unrealistic. It takes like 4 hours to get to LA, and she has kids so she will get the treatment in Fresno, which is only 35 to 40 minutes away. But good news she will get her surgery there by a Melanoma specialist. They asked us how did we get in to UCLA so fast cause it takes a lot to just see them there, they asked do you know someone here? we just laughed and told them yeah we do know someone pretty high up his name is God 🙂 so we got in there due to him. They told us that if it hasn’t gone into her organs she has a really good chance of survival, but if it has then well it is not good. So we are praying that it hasn’t, God will see us through he always does.

The weird and odd kooky news, check this out!!!

Berry-loving birds were really flying

FORTY songbirds found dead in the Austrian capital, Vienna, did not die of bird flu as initially feared but crashed into windows after becoming intoxicated from eating fermented berries.

The birds, whose remains were examined by experts, had livers so diseased that “they looked like they were chronic alcoholics”, Vienna’s veterinary authority said.

All died of broken necks after slamming into window panes last month. It appears they gorged on berries that had begun to rot, turning the juice inside to alcohol, and the juice probably continued to ferment as the birds digested them

Ok gosh a bunch of partying drunk birds go figure, poor little birdies. Until the next time bye 🙂