Good News!!!! Paige received her Cat scan report and the cancer has not spread into her organs 🙂 All we are waiting for now is the call from UCLA medical center for the surgery. God is so good and awesome thank you Jesus!!!  Ya’ll know what this means? Oh yeah I get to drive the mustang to LA and back, YeeeeHawwww!! I found this article in the news check it out.

B.B. King Offers Guitar As Reward for Dog

LOS ANGELES – B.B. King’s dog, Lucille, has disappeared, and the legendary bluesman is offering an autographed copy of one of his signature “Lucille” guitars in an effort to get her back.

The 2-year-old white female Maltese, named after King’s signature guitar, went missing about 10 days ago in West Hollywood while she was under the care of his co-manager, Matthew Lieberman.

“We’re not sure how she got out of the yard, perhaps a gate was ajar,” Lieberman said in a statement Monday.

Canvassing nearby animal shelters and putting up some 500 signs failed to turn up any trace of Lucille so the 80-year-old musician decided to offer a signed guitar as a reward.

Wow he must really love this dog, it is really cute 🙂

The odd and Quirky news.

Dream lured women to harem

A 57-YEAR-OLD Tokyo man found to be living with ten much younger women said he attracted them by reciting an incantation that came to him in a dream. The man’s unusual living arrangements came to light when another woman complained to police that he had threatened her after she refused to join his harem.

 Boy what some men will do to get laid lmao. Until the next time bye 🙂