It is raining outside and I can see the window in my living room light up and hear the crackling booms of thunder. I can hear the  pitter patter of rain hitting the tin on top of the terra cotta wood burner that sits under my window. If I had a covered front porch I would be out there right now, god I love the rain. The fresh clean smell it creates when it touches the ground. I use to live in Three Rivers and when it rained up there it was awesome. I had a huge bedroom and the whole roof was tin, when the rain hit it wow it was loud and I loved it. I would have the woodburning stove chucked full of wood and heating the room all cozy. I had this originally made chandelier that looked like it came straight out of a Tavern in the 16th or 17th century. Lanterns hung from each corner of the wooden beams. I would lay there at night and open my Romance Novel and read until dawn. I don’t know how many duels I won and how many I lost but I remember the Romance and the adventure. There are 3 Rivers that join each other one is the South Fork,  Main Fork, and North Fork where I lived, we would swim the rivers all the time.  Here is a picture of Kaweah lake that we use to go boating at.

 Lake Kaweah  I love this photo and one of the reason’s is that I have actually been right there and seen it just like it looks in this picture.  Here is a pic of the South Fork it is gorgeous 🙂

 South Fork

Here is good ole Sucki’s Three Rivers market, heheh man do I remember going there all the time, I won a 75 dollar lottery ticket here 🙂 I went in there one time after Wally and I broke up and discovered from ole man sukie that he had hot checks adding up to 150.00, doing my neighborly duty, I gave him his home phone number and personal cell # hehehehehe. Yes I know that was a little mean and nasty of me but hey that is a little pay back for cheating on me with a hostess twinkie eating 4 foot 11, over 200 pound petunia the pig 🙂 imagine that huh!!  

  Suki's Market

Three Rivers is called The Gateway to the Sequoia’s a beautiful place where the General Grant lives a wonderful old tree 🙂

The largest sequoia in the Grant Grove is the General Grant tree, pictured below. This giant, which is the third largest tree in the world, is 267 feet tall and 107.6 feet in circumference at its base. Actually, at breast height its diameter is greater than any known tree in the world. The tree, believed to be about 3500 years old, was designated the “nation’s Christmas Tree” in 1926, and a service is held at the tree on Christmas morning every year.          

                               General Grant

                           Here is another photo from the Park overlooking the valley.

  beautiful view Once you hit this spot you have entered one of the most beautiful places on earth, the smell of the trees is amazing. Just simply breathtaking 🙂 

Three Rivers

If a man was to bring me flowers this is what I would want. A bunch of handpicked wildflowers would truly melt my heart, I would prefer this instead of store bought any day 🙂  


 As you can see this is a page of memories. This page is dedicated to my step son Richard whom I love and will never forget, within each picture there is a memory of him.  Until the next time bye