Well everything has been kinda hectic around here between school and work, Yes!!! I love how that sounds WORK!!!! heheh finally all of my efforts are starting to pay off, thank you GOD 🙂 I am job shadowing right now and it is kewl, I don’t get to touch anything dangit but I will eventually, even if it is putting stickers on monitors 🙂 So far I really like being in the data center due to the fact that I get to see the good Cisco routers and all the latest gadgets. Today I sat with a Tech who was using a laptop to program switches, from preprogrammed configuration files saved on an tftp server that he loaded onto the Hyperterminal. It was really kewl because we use the same hyperterminal to program the routers at school. I am working so hard to do this and I am loving it!! 🙂 As most of you know I have come along way from where I started. Last October I literally thought my whole world was ending but what I didn’t realize, it was just beginning 🙂

                Isn’t this the cutest 🙂

Kitty Kat

Ok is it just me or does the OMG,WTF BITCH Kitties look like they have the same expression? lmao 🙂 

   I thought this was cute to 🙂


The Odd and Quirky News

‘Lost’ bus driver asked passengers for directions

PASSENGERS on a bus trip from Aberdeen to Inverness found themselves on a journey into the unknown when it appeared that their novice driver from Poland had become lost.

They claim the driver of the No 10 Stagecoach Bluebird service, one of 44 Poles recently recruited by the North-east’s main rural bus operator, had problems navigating the busy A96 and that, at one stage, one of the passengers had to help direct him with the aid of a map.

Yesterday, as the wife of one of the passengers called for Brian Souter, Stagecoach’s chief executive, to “hang his head in shame” over the fiasco, the company insisted that, while the driver might have asked passengers for directions, it did not mean he was unaware of where he was going.

Lesley Tock, whose husband Colin, 56, had boarded the bus to the Highland capital,

said he had phoned her to complain that the driver appeared “totally lost”.

Steve Stewart, a spokesman for the bus company, denied the driver had been lost. He said: At no point did he have to refer to a map. He talked to a passenger to reassure himself he was on the right route, in the same way that anyone who was unfamiliar with any journey would clarify directions.”

What do you guys think of this? 🙂

Unsuitable’ art show is closed

A STUDENT art show that includes a live pet rat, water-colours depicting gay sex and sculpted male genitalia in a box, was shut down by New York City chiefs who deemed it unsuitable for families, just a day after it opened.

Wow what were they thinking to display such trashy sh^&&*t.  I’d go see it heheh just my opinion 🙂  Until next time bye 🙂