I passed the final for Cisco 2!!!! with an A oh yeah I worked my little tushy for that heheh. I am so jazzed, I almost bought ice cream and I do mean almost I was like this—–close, man I wished I had. Death by chocolate is my favorite, what is yours? come on I know you have one 🙂 Now all I have to do is finish next semester with Cisco 3 and 4 then I graduate in Dec 🙂 I also am doing the MSCE Academy this coming fall, that will be an awesome course, I am really excited about that one. Man school went by so fast and now that it is over for the summer I am kinda sad. I am happy that I completed this semester but I am going to miss my friends from class. It is good to know that they signed up as well for the same courses as I did for the fall. I will be working more down at the IT Dept and getting my hands and feet wet with experience that is a plus. It will be really nice taking all of this knowledge from the real world experience and going back into the class room with it 🙂 Man I am so jazzed!!! hehehe.  Here is a little computer humor



The end of the earth

Jeltsin, Clinton and Bill Gates have to appear before God. ‘You’re the three mightiest men on Earth”, the Creator says, “and therefor the first to know. Tomorrow I’ll destroy the Earth.”
A bit shaken Jeltsin enters the Kremlin and says: “Comrads, I’ve got bad news twice. First: God exists. Second: Tomorrow He will destroy the world.”
Clinton returns to the White House and says: “I’ve got good and I’ve got bad news. The good news is: God does exist. The bad news is: Tomorrow He’ll destroy the world”.
Bill Gates enters the Microsoft Headquarters and says: “I’ve got good news. First: I’m one of the three mightiest men on Earth. Second: The Millenium problem is solved.”  🙂


The Odd and Quirky News


University Warns Students of Deer Attacks


CARBONDALE, Ill. – Tammy Emery used to think of deer as sweet and adorable, like Bambi. An encounter with a hard-charging doe changed that. The 31-year-old secretary was among at least seven people threatened or injured by female deer last year on Southern Illinois University’s campus _ attacks that have prompted the school to wage a safety campaign during this spring’s fawning season.


The attacks in the woods at the 20,000-student university have been attributed to a combination of protective motherly instinct, squeezed habitat and, in some cases, a little too much human curiosity. The message now: Keep your eyes peeled for deer, don’t approach them, and if a wild-eyed deer starts bounding your way, run.!!!!!  Here is the link  http://www.comcast.net/news/strange/index.jsp?cat=STRANGE&fn=/2006/05/19/395627.html&cvqh=itn_deer


Ok this reminds me of a former post of mine about the killer squirrels from Russia that attacked and ate that dog in the park. Due to a pine cone shortage lmfao. Wow what is this world coming to? Until the next time bye 🙂