UPDATE LMFAO: There not kegal exercises heheh they are for your butt to tighten and tone while your sitting on the chair but hey I laughed so hard when I read your comments I was like hey I should of thought of that heheheh

Hello everyone in Xangaland!!! wow what a week!! man I have done so much aerobics and weight lifting I am tighter then a drum, whew I would pass a military inspection baby hehehehe. What type of physical exercise do you do? besides xanga typing and sex 🙂  here is a tip while ya sit in that chair and browse the sites it’s called squeeze hold release 🙂 you just tighten your buttocks squeeze really hard hold it then slowly release, yeah you can do it keeps your backside up instead of down 🙂 yeah I know shocking how I am talkin but hey I am in a spicy mood today 🙂 bare with me….


                     Poor guy heheheh

My dear brother in Tennessee God bless his little heart sent me some more funnies 🙂



     Ouch!!! that’s goin leave a mark 🙂

 The Odd and Quirky News

 Jilted tattooist wrote insults on women

 A CHINESE man has been sentenced to death for tattooing insults on the bodies of three women using a needle dipped in ink, said reports today.

When the partner of Zhou Jingzhi, from north-eastern Jilin, tried to leave him, “Zhou illegally detained her at his residence for three months, and dipped a sewing needle in ink and carved across her body, describing her as a prostitute”, the court heard.

After Li’s family rescued her, Zhou’s former wife and another ex-girlfriend came forward to say that he had abused them the same way.

Update:  My sister Carla says he should be tattooed “I LOVE DICK” across his forehead heheh

Now that is just messed up!!! What do you say his punishment should be? Until the next time bye 🙂

P.S  thanks for all the wonderful comments 🙂