UPDATE: I am so fucking mad and yes I said the word FUCK!!!! What the fuck is up with xanga man I am trying to go to some of my friends sites and it is rated EX – Explicit Content” bullshit and it won’t let me view there site without a credit card!…..I say this Censorship needs to stop!!!!

Hello everyone!!! man this weekend has been really busy for me. I have been prepping to go back to comp classes starting tomorrow 🙂 I am going to be going full throttle for the next 4 weeks, man I love this shit…I have classes night and day starting with a 7am Computer class that last till 10:25am then I go straight into the weight room workout till 12:00 and after that hittin the track for cardio 🙂 back again at 5:30 for another Computer class and I am out of there at 10:00 at night, now I do this everyday and night except for Friday nights and the weekends so yeah pretty busy…and I haven’t even mentioned everything else I have to do heheh…oh well keeps me busy…Hope ya’ll enjoyed the video of the dog biting his own leg I thought it was hilarious hehe and I am going to be visiting everyone’s sites tonight 🙂


    well hung

  Gee I have only heard of the money tree never a tree like this lmfao 🙂

 The Odd and Quirky News

 Candy Thieves Leave Cell Phone

CRYSTAL, Minn. – Burglars who stole $30 worth of Skittles and Starburst candy from a Little League concession stand in this Minneapolis suburb left behind an incriminating piece of evidence. Police found a cell phone inside the building.

According to court documents, sometime after the theft on Saturday night, the phone’s owner called the phone and identified himself. Officers arranged to meet him and return the phone, and a witness identified the man as one of the burglars.

Mitchell Scudder, 19, and Brian Current, 21, are charged in the theft. Court papers said a witness saw one suspect crawl out of the building’s window and a second join him. Both dropped candy as they ran away.

Under questioning, Current allegedly told investigators he waited outside while Scudder entered the building. The complaint alleged the two filled a backpack with candy and ran when a car drove by.

When officers went to Scudder’s door, he chewing on some Skittles. Confiscated from the house were 20 bags of candy and another 20 packages were found in a backpack, the complaint said.

Damage to the concession stand was estimated at $500 to $1,000.

Ok these guys need to be in the sequel to the Clerks lmao,  Dumbasses heheh Until the next time bye 🙂