Just letting everyone one know that I am still here but I have been back and forth to the hospital. My Sister Paige was taken by ambulance from the Cancer Center a couple of days ago to the hospital to get her pain under control. She is in the last stage of Melanoma Cancer, they upped her morphine to 20 and they are going to put a port in her chest so that she will get constant pain medication, thank god. Hospice is going to be helping her with a bed and alot of other stuff, I am so thankful for that she needs it. Between Paige and school I am not on xanga as much, understandably so, but know that I miss you all and I will be back 🙂 needing lots of prayer and you know what I think I am going to look into some legal POT for her and yes I will smoke it with her and I will INHALE ALOT!! heheh….Until the next time bye