Paige is doing better now that her morphine has been upped, she is just fine as long as there is no pain, I will keep you all posted..Keep the prayers coming guys we need it!!!






I went to the College to day to get the last of my books for the upcoming semester that starts next Monday..Whew you talk about expensive these books cost a little over 300 dollars!! but I need them so I didn’t have a choice..One of the books is the Mcse Windows 2000 Pro and the other is the Mcse Windows 2000 Server, and plus my Cisco Networking Academy 3 and 4..I am so jazzed about going back this stuff is so exciting!!! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you all that I passed all my IT courses last semester with A’s so I have a 4.0 GPA..I worked my tushy off for that 🙂





 Some Funnies from Good ole brother in Tennessee 🙂






Yeah great plan, small flaw!!! yuck hehehe



I have decided to give Dear LOBO his own little corner in our neck of the woods 🙂 This irascible –yet somehow loveable—screwball has found a place in my heart,  So I give you….


LOBOs  Corner


N.R.A. people are DUMB




Who needs a gun? Egadz this “Taser” thing is a BLAST … a guy broke into my house today and zzzzt!!! … zzzt ….. ZZZZZZT!!!!!
Hell, I even recharged the battery so I could “Zzzt” him for a few more hours.
I would stop, but the instructions for this little electric gem claim EXPLICITLY that “the device will incapacitate virtually any assailant” …
But this son-of-a-bitch keeps twitching … !





What do I want to do when I grow up?
Well, I’d like to be fabulously wealthy and famous, get invited to the Playboy Mansion where I catch an unpronounceable STD and die in obscurity.
Either that or be an astronaut.

(He has such High Hopes doesn’t he?) 🙂





The Odd and Quirky News


Police called in over lack of sex


A WOMAN in Aachen, Germany, has complained to police that her husband is not fulfilling his sexual obligations.


“The police officials did not feel able to resolve the dispute, let alone issue any kind of official order,” police spokesman Paul Kemen said, ” because no crime or infringement could be identified.”


No Shit Sherlock, Imagine that…..huh!!   Until the next time bye 🙂