Wow finally found time to post!!! 🙂 Paige is not doing so good we got the cat scan back, she has 4 small tumors in her brain…They are going to put her on Toumador, hope I spelt that right..hopefully it will work…I hate Cancer it is a nasty unmerciful unforgiving aggressive mean bastard!! I will keep everyone updated as to her progress….

As for my school it is going pretty good, lots of new things never heard of before like forest, trees and I don’t mean as in a camping trip 🙂 I mean as in the Server 2003..My Cisco is coming along as well, there is only 3 of us in class now and my lab partner and I are the only ones doing labs while the other one plays computer games or sleeps heheh but that’s ok he is really smart, a computer science guy 🙂 wish I could be as smart as him, last semester he didn’t even have the books and he passed the tests like a whiz.. As far as the job market it looks really promising, I was thinking about Seattle Washington and now I am considering Chicago…I looked it up and they are offering 26 bucks an hour to start and it is downtown Chicago, wow that would be sweet 🙂 A big major move change but I need that, better then my living situation here and it offers more money in the bigger cities…I am kinda boring today but I feel blah for some reason..I was looking forward to going to a place called Rocky Hill for a walk this morning, but my sister never showed up to watch Joshua, so I didn’t get to go…to bad cause that hill is one hell of a challenge, my ass and legs would of loved me for it heheh…oh well there is always next week… here is a photo of some runners going up this hill, and as you can see it is pretty steep 🙂

    RockyHill again

LOBO’S Corner

To the Grrl Who Emailed …


 To the grrl who emailed:

“May I have a photo of “Little” LOBO? I would really like to make his acquaintance, even if only through a photograph. Is that possible? Pa-leeeeeeeeeze?”

Photograph THE GENERAL!?! My god I need Top Secret Clearance just to wash the bastard!

However, in strict adherence to the Geneva Convention, I might be willing to swap captured spies.

… Just doin’ my humble part in pursuit of Whirled Piece .. 


I knew he had a humble bone in his body 🙂 heheh       [*sigh*]

The Odd and Quirky News

Lunchtime runner in swamp for four days

A MAN who became stranded in a Florida swamp for four days after popping out for a jog on his lunch break yesterday thanked those who saved him from his “dumb mistake”.

Eddie Meadows, 62, tried to take a short-cut to avoid being late back to work, but lost his way and sank waist-deep in mud.

He survived by drinking swamp water and eating leaves and berries from the bushes around him but could not fight his way out.

“That so many people would make that kind of effort to save one simple old runner who went out and made a really dumb mistake, for that I will be forever grateful,” said Mr Meadows as he recovered in hospital, where he was treated for near kidney failure and hundreds of scratches.

His ordeal began last Friday when he failed to return to his desk at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, after saying he was going for his daily run.

Police were called in and his family put out appeals on television, fearing the worst when even a team of bloodhounds came up blank. More than 50 volunteers joined the hunt, combing woods, checking streams and calling his name.

Mired in the mud, Mr Meadows heard helicopters and even the distant sound of the university marching band practising, but could not respond. “The most frustrating thing was I could hear civilisation around me the whole time,” he said.

A university professor, Ron Eaglin, who was among the volunteers, heard “sloshing” noises and a voice calling: “Help!”

Mr Meadows explained: “Ron yelled, ‘Are you searching for Eddie Meadows?’ And I yelled back, ‘I am Eddie Meadows!'”

Dumb mistake is right!! Until next time bye 🙂