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Idiot Bag

[Mr I]

“10,000 Pounds of Thrush?,” I says. “Where’d you come up with that crap?”

“I do not question THE BAG,” says LOBO. “Ever.”

“The bag? What bag?”

“The bag of words I pull from when I’m trying to come up with a title.”

“Every time you need a title, you pull words at random? I call bullshit.”

“Behold!” says LOBO, thumping a heavy sack on his cluttered desk. “Bask in the splendor, ye nonbeliever.”

“Does it work?”

“Try it out,” says the screwball. “What kind of story are you working on?”

“Let’s say a love story.”

“You pansy.”


“I said ‘Oooh, fancy’.”

LOBO closes his eyes, as if in a trance.

“Oh for God’s sake–“

“Silence!” LOBO demands. “Oh, mighty and wise bag. Divulge unto us your creative genius, that of which we are so devoided!”

He pulls out two slips of paper, “The title of your romance epic shall henceforth be named,” he opens his hand, “Ox Nuts.”

“Ox Nuts.”

“Yes, Ox Nuts.”

“Well, let’s see if this thing will help me with a title for my next post …”

Nuttin like Rocky Mountain Oysters heheheh     

The Odd and Quirky News

3m bees found in couple’s home

THREE million bees have been removed from a house in Miami Beach, Florida – as has the 66lb of honey found in a wall cavity. The bees appeared two years ago and the owner had been telling a TV crew how they had failed to get rid of them when he ran from the house, yelling: “They’re biting me!”

Man wish I could of seen that lmao!!


Python pulled out of toilet

A WORKER pulled a seven-foot-long python from a septic tank after a resident reported a blocked toilet. Australian wildlife ranger Peter Phillips said: “I arrived to see a large python head peering out of the toilet bowl.”

I agree with the commenter who said….Good cure for constipation though!!

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