Wow it has been a long week and I finally get to post 🙂 And to let everyone know we never did find Sarah’s ring..hopefully next time she will get it resized before she wears it..Alot has been going on here I have a new internship that I am really excited about. This will give me some experience to put on my resume and I enjoy what I am doing. I like it that I am working with my classmate he is a very smart man and we get along great. Many hours studying for the finals we logged emailing each other back and forth and we did pretty good on the tests..My boss happens to be my instructor at the school so that is nice I can see what all this school stuff does in actual real situations..This man has multiple certifications and he has been in business since the 70s..I won’t name any names for privacy reasons plus I don’t want to piss him off hehehe. The whole staff down there are professionals that have been in the field for along time and I feel privileged to work with them I will learn alot..Plus it is so nice to see female IT professionals instead of all guys, there is this very nice Lady programmer that is awesome she is bad ass at what she does, I really like her..It is so nice to work in an environment that encourages you to succeed instead of making you feel like your just another number..I am going to try to get to everyone today and tonight, I have missed you all!


 Best Squishes

[Mr Insanity]

I am always startled to find a woman that doesn’t own a vibrator.

I don’t think there’s really any social stigma about it anymore, either. Let’s conduct an experiment: All you ladies who do not own a vibrator, please raise your hand.

Now look over the edge of your cubicle. Do you see any hands other than your own?

Ladies, ladies … this is, like, the Twenty-First Century or something; there are tiny, concealable, subtle technologies available that can bring you instant sexual gratification virtually anywhere.

I wish men were so lucky. If that was true for us, we would carry them proudly displayed on leather tool belts customized with a “quick draw” feature and probably have an emergency holdout stashed in our boot. We would have them in the file cabinets, several would be rolling about the floorboard of the car, at least one would be welded on the television remote, and a half dozen would absently be stashed between the mattresses and under pillows. Backups would arrive in the mail in virtual perpetuity (one by land, two by sea, et cetera) …

It is long overdue for women to cast off these iron chains of sexual repression, and raise those little colorful plastic bastards in the air to be counted! Use them defiantly on busses, trains, and airplanes. Use them on the subway and in the library. And make that statement all across the world: hold massive “Buzz-Ins” at City Hall to be broadcast on CNN and the BBC until power plants fail and the city lights flicker and dim. Civilization as we know it will grind to a standstill before the might of your vast and squirty moaning numbers.

And as God as my Witness, I will start a vibrator repair shop –no, a college; I’ll call it “Vibrator Tech University”, and involve myself heavily in funding Research and Development.

Well obviously the time has come, ladies. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

And maybe not having anything to put in the flashlights during the subsequent blackouts.

This has so inspired me to go out and buy one…er or two hehehe…          

The Odd and Quirky News

Head-butt by horse restores man’s sight

A SECOND World War veteran who was blinded in his right eye when he was hit by shrapnel can see again after being head-butted by a pedigree racehorse.

Doctors tried in vain for 64 years to restore Don Karkos’s sight, until My Buddy Chimo stepped in.

Hours after the horse smacked the 82-year-old paddock security guard in exactly the same spot as the shrapnel gashed his forehead in combat in 1942, he realised his vision was returning.

“I was putting a collar around his chest, and he whacked me real hard with his head,” Mr Karkos told the New York Daily News.

“Being kicked is part of the job, but I’ve never been hit that hard.

“I was pretty shaken up, kind of dazed. Then, later that night, I started to get the vision back in my right eye.

“It was unbelievable. I’ve been seeing doctors all my life, and they’ve always told me there is nothing can be done.”

Although his vision is still not perfect, Mr Karkos has been able to see about 15ft with his damaged eye since the incident at the Monticello Raceway racecourse in New York state two months ago.

“What happened is still a mystery to me,” he said.

“But I do know I had got used to not seeing things and bumping into walls, and I don’t do that anymore.”

Dr Douglas Lozzaro, the head of ophthalmology at Long Island College Hospital, said the blow could have knocked a dislocated lens into place.

Mr Karkos said he was eager to show his gratitude to My Buddy Chimo.

“I’m on very good terms with that horse now, and he gets special care from me,” he said.

Why does the term “HORSHIT”!! come to mind heheh Until the next Time 🙂