Hello everyone!!! I had a really good time at the Reunion yesterday and I took some pictures and even a small video 🙂  Wow awesome memories!! Also got back in touch with one of my favorite cousins Amber, she is such a wonderful person. Here is a video and some photos of yesterdays shin dig 🙂 I hope you all enjoy!! 

This is my Mom on the right and my and Aunt Peppy on the left, plus Aunt Shirley in the wheel chair and Frankie and Joshua.

   The whole thing  Little Cody, Alisons son and as you can see my whole family in the background. The girl in the pink top on the right with brown knicker pants on is  Catherine.

   Savannah Katie and Michael Michael, Katie bug and Savannah, my beautiful nieces and Katie’s boyfriend. Don’t they make a cute couple 🙂

   Alison and Joshua Alison and Joshua, he wanted down so bad!

   Ashley  Ashley and she is holding Kari 🙂

  Amy and Joshua Joshua and Amy 🙂 he had such a good time it was great…

   rsz_digital 033 Aunt Shirley is not feeling to well she has Cancer and going thru Chemo, but she has got the cutest hat ever!! 🙂 

   Nessa and Amber   Nessa and Amber posing 🙂

   Frankie and little Brian 

Frankie on the right and little Brian my nephew on the left.

Well everyone I just realized that I have no photos of myself at all or of Sarah, she didn’t show up, the brat heheh…I was the one taking the photos dangit!!!….hope you all enjoyed my family reunion!!!

Until next time bye 🙂