I am having one of them mornings where I am just mellow, kicking back and enjoying the moment. My Mom gave me her laptop, the only thing I don’t care for is it is running Vista! shitty operating system, I am partial to Win XP. But hey I am not going to complain I need to learn all the ins and outs with it. Nothing much new in my neck of the woods, but I did come across these really weird looking shoes 🙂 Let me know what you all think of them.    


Didja ever notice how rare it is when everything seems to be “in
tune”? Like maybe your job is great, the bills are
paid, and you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones … but then your
best friend and your old lady accidentally knock a scented candle over
while having sex, and burn the house and all your worldly possessions
to the ground?  Or you win the lottery, and while jumping around in
jubilant celebration you snag a testicle on a protruding rusty nail?
Remember the first time when –beguiled by the rather grandiose name–
you found out a urinal cake was not the fluffy confection you were led
to believe it was?

Well, that’s how life works.  It’s a box of chocolates where you often find nothing but coconut creams.

The Odd and Quirky News

Policemen stolen from supermarket

TWO cardboard cut-out policemen used by a supermarket to deter shoplifters have been stolen. The life-size figures – wearing helmets, batons and handcuffs –
vanished from their post at the front door of Morrisons in Kilmarnock,

Back to the drawing board that didn’t work heheh  Until next time bye 🙂