Hello everyone in XangaLand!!  I am so happy it’s the weekend!! What is everyones plans? I want all the dirt and gore and whatever..Mine is going to be doing all the last minute detail packing..You know the cleaning, yuck I hate that part about moving. My house is clean but man when I moved the fridge out I didn’t realize that there was stuff under it, like a bill back from February 2006! pencils, tacks..3 bucks in dimes and nickels, couple of pennys whoo hoo I am rich now baby! heheh

Have you guys heard about the biggest Deep-sea booty ever found? $500 million in coins!

The ‘Black Swan’ project
A 17th-century merchant vessel sank with valuable cargo aboard, about 40 miles off the southwestern tip of England. Oh to be a Pirate in those days 🙂 here is the link if you want to read more..

   Funny’s from my brother in Tennessee 🙂




The Odd and Quirky News

Man jailed for wife kidnap

A MAN was jailed for 20 months yesterday for kidnapping his wife to stop her having her breasts enlarged.

James McCarthy told his wife, Kerry: “Don’t do it. I like you as you are.” He claimed to have a knife as he dragged her out of a ward at St Bartholomew’s hospital in London on 9 February.

Mrs McCarthy, 27, became hysterical as she pleaded with hospital staff to save her, saying she feared that her estranged husband would kill her, the Old Bailey was told. McCarthy, who had a history of violence against his wife, dragged her out of the hospital by grabbing the clothes round her neck.

Mrs McCarthy managed to break free in Gresham Street and ran into an office, where she collapsed on the floor.

McCarthy, 27, of London, pleaded guilty to kidnapping Mrs McCarthy.

Mrs McCarthy has not had the breast operation following the incident.

The judge, Recorder William Clegg, QC, told McCarthy: “You are, in plain English, a bully.”

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