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Hey everyone so sorry that I haven’t been around alot. I have been very busy with the job.

But I have missed you all so much! I plan to get around today and see what everyone has been up to since I have been gone…


What were you doing on 9 Eleven?

I remember getting this frantic phone call from my mother.

“Terri the twin towers have been hit!” I just stood there holding the phone to my ear and not really comprehending what she was saying..how could such a thing happen.

Sure enough not only did that happen but my ex couldn’t go back to texas because the airports were closed damit!

Ok I know that sounded kinda selfish but shit I had to put up with him for another week!

I wanted to strangle Osama bin Laden myself!

That day will forever be etched in our minds.

                                                Never Forget


Until the next time bye 🙂