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Edit: I had to change that hairy ass picture, I couldn’t even stand to look at my own blog heheh

Sorry about the foul language on my post that I deleted yesterday, but I was mad as Fuck! And to top it all off the xanga spell checker kept trying to change the F word to Fica, I was like Oh hell no!

It seems that Blockbuster can take money out of your bank account without permission. They said I never returned a video game, I say Bullshit! I went in with Frankie to rent a game and when we got home it was the wrong one. I was tired and decided to exchange it the next day.

I returned it got the right one and the idiot that took it failed to scan it in so they took 53.11 out of my account and claimed I never returned it. So now I am out all that money and no game. I canceled my accounts with them, the online and the instore one. I mean come on, they can take at will for whatever they want, I am not allowing that! So yes I was a little upset yesterday, but I feel better today 🙂

But I still stand with:     

Block Buster Can Kiss my Ass!