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I am having an issue in my house with the term, “Soccer Mom”, which I am not but use to be and was damned proud of it! So to be called a soccer mom, I would need to blog about sports games, changing diapers, etc etc etc. And as most of you who know me and actually read my blog, I don’t talk about those things. Buuuutttt…. now that it has been mentioned, let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? Don’t argue, just get your butt in the van were leaving! 🙂

soccer mom

( Inserts MySpace Glittery Pic, can’t have a Soccer Mom blog with out this! )

Back in my teens when the kids were younger I was a stay at home mom. I worked out for a couple hours a day, cooked, cleaned, and took the kids to their games. I had them into all sorts of stuff like soccer, baseball, dance, art classes, you know the works!

I had a mini van with sticky gum under the seats, pop bottles, and candy rappers that would fall out when the kids would open the door. Having kids it got messy, not dirty but messy. One time Amy who was 7 left her bologna sandwich in the back seat compartment and forgot about it. Two days later we were riding down the road and all of a sudden this swarm of pissed off nats started attacking us! Ashley started screaming,

“Amy left her sandwich in the car again, Frankie found it and let out nats”!

I am swerving down the road swatting the damn things and hearing nothing but laughter and clapping from the kids in the back!


“What the hell are you kids doing clapping back there?”

“Where not were killing nats!”

I can just imagine what people were thinking seeing a swerving van full of clapping kids laughing going down the road with nats flying out the windows! I pulled over at a gas station, got the kids out and made Amy clean up the sandwich mess, then off to the games!

The best part now that I think about it was the van rides heheh. Hell I didn’t have just my kids I had their friends in there too.

I never cared much about what other people thought either I was to busy with my life and what I was doing. Unless it was Mister dick head coach that would ride his daughter’s ass if she didn’t play better then all the others.

(Oops did I say Dick head, I can’t say that with a pg rating soccer mom blog, 🙂

Couple of times the coach was sent home and the assistant coach would take over. This was a typical day in my Soccer Mom life.


Until the next time bye 🙂