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The last couple of months have been a little on the rough side. I am beginning to think that Moving from IL to Ca was a bad idea. Unfortunately the good, the bad and the insane have taken its toll on me.

I thought that moving here was such a wonderful idea I mean my mom, sister, cat and dog, friends, you name it there here.


Home-Sweet-Home-skull I was here no more then two seconds and my phone was ringing off the damn hook!!!

“Terri I need a ride and yeah some money when I get to the store cause you have such a good job and I shouldn’t have to pay with my money!! You owe me”!!

“Terri remember that favor and money I owe you? Yeah well I am going to have to owe you some more cause I need another favor and some moe money.

chappelle_drugieTerri, Terri Terri Terri!!!!!!!!

And the whole time I’m thinking, what would
Dave Chappelle do in a situation like this?

He would say, “ What do the five fingers say to the face”?


Now get yo Ass out of my mini van and get a job!! ’’

Yeah it’s been kinda tough since I have been back home.

Hopefully it gets better, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.