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There is this article I read the other day posted back in September that really didn’t make a bit of sense. It state’s that spanking your children lowers their IQ.

Now I don’t know about you but when my mamma spanked my ass when I was growing up I went from not knowing any better to knowing exactly what she was talking about.

So in reality my mind went up a couple of IQ points because I didn’t do that dumb shit again or else my ass would be on fire. The harder she spanked the higher the IQ points climbed!

Now I am not talking about beating your children, that’s a whole different ball game. I am talking about old fashion spanking and if we had more of that instead of letting these kids walk all over mom and dad, there would be a lot more respectful children instead of these gansta thugs in the making.

Notice the difference between beating and spanking.

Examples of Beating: Picking up a blunt object and hitting arms, legs, head, pretty much anywhere on the body that causes bruising, broken bones, blood spurting out of well anywhere. Now that’s abuse and anyone doing that needs to go to jail and have there ass kicked.

Examples of Spanking: Using an open palm while swatting a few good smacks on the butt, and only doing so when you have exhausted all other avenues to get the child to stop doing whatever they were not suppose to be doing. As you can see this is a lot different then beating.

Good visual Example, see below:


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