l (4)I first heard about The Notorious MSG when Amy went to Taipei Taiwan as a foreign exchange student. She called me laughing saying “Ma it’s time to get Wokked!”

My family and I have been devoted fans ever since. Here’s a little background on The Notorious MSG

“From humble beginnings off the streets of New York’s Chinatown, these three restaurant workers have carved a path of destruction through the music industry and will not stop until every man, woman and child has succumbed to their sizzling, orange-flavored beats.”

“You have to free your mind, then yo ass will follow” – The Notorious MSG

Video and Lyrics to Straight out of Canton

Just Comin’ Out The Ghetto With An Egg Roll
Got A .57 Magnum Feelin’ Loco
And You Know
I Never Go – Solo
Got Your Homie Funky Buddha And Your Boy D-Lo
Try To Catch Me If You Can
I Killed Ten People With A Frying Pan

Three Boys We Deliver
To The Highest Bidder
We’re Not Three’s Company
I Ain’t Jack Tripper
But I Do Like The Sexy Ladies
Always Gonna Drive Me Crazy

Cuz Pretty Girls Will Get You Flustered
See A Fine Bitch Yo – Don’t Trust Her
Baby Gonna Try To Play Me Buster
You Messin Wit’ Da Og Hustler

We’re Feelin’ Real Hot Tonight
All The Ladies Lookin’ Hot And Tight
Want Beef With Us Get Wokked That’s Right
Straight Out Of Canton – Stand Up And Fight

Down-Lo Mein Is My Name And I Come From Taiwan
Bust A Cap In Yo Ass For Fun
I Rock The Mic Cuz I Am Da Bomb
I Like The Ladies With The Big Wontons

Word Up – To Your Mother
Funky Buddha In The House Muthasucka
Just Roll With Us – Roll With Us
Smoke A Bowl With Us
If You Wanna Get High Smoke An Egg Roll With Us

Until Next Time 🙂