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zombie-attack-508x700Horror News
So I was thinking about how
I would survive a Zombie Apocolypse.

And I decided to ask Google
what it thought and this is what it told me.

Buy as many bad ass weapons as you can.

Yes were talking M16’s,
UZI’s, 45’s and 44’s.

Lot’s of ammo, you can
never have enough,trust me.

Hatchet’s, Machete’s,

can openers,”hey it can gouge an eye out if need be”.

So stock up on Heavy Metal Objects!

Invest in good running shoes. Running is very important, your going to be doing a lot of it, so learn to love it!

Don’t be afraid to kill a recently infected loved one or friend. So prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.

I know, I know this is going to be hard but think of it this way, it’s either you or them, you or themmmmmm! yeah! remember go for the head and don’t be afraid to double tap that shit! Because they won’t hesitate to eat your Fu#$%#%ING brains man!

Secure your place by reinforcing all windows and doors and by stocking up on food, water and weed!

Yeah you heard me it might get boring waiting in your house because you can’t go wandering around you might get eaten! So pass the time and try to have a little fun.

Last but not least, Never give up!

Feel free to add to this list I may have forgotten something, you never know.