I have noticed that outside of the Xanga community it is a blog eat blog world! It is all about who is on top and everyone is trying to be as funny or funnier then the next blogger, it is crazy. There are all sorts of blog humor sites promoting who they say is the best, instead of appreciating everyone for who they are there is this competitive ridiculous edge. Don’t get me wrong I have found some pretty funny sites with wonderful blog owners, just look at my link list, those bloggers I have found to be hilarious and worth the click   : )

In my opinion a site called Entrecard is the most stupidest site I have ever heard of in my entire life. It is about clicking hours upon hours mindlessly thru as many sites as you can to get points. It is not about reading those sites, OH MY NO! it is about the all mighty click click clickety click. I am not kidding either, it’s stupid and a waste of time, but what do I know. Just needed to get this off my chest a bit, a little rant never hurt anyone.

I really enjoy Xanga and that is why I have chosen to stay here for so long, in my opinion and no offence to my friends outside of this community , Xanga is the best!

Until the next time bye 🙂