Hey Everyone in Xangaland my favorite place to be!!! I miss you guys, it feels like I have been gone forever. I have been busy with school I get out of my last class at 5 in the evening and then I stay and do homework until 8pm. These are condensed classes so we are cramming a whole semester in 4 weeks!!! Other then that not much new going on in this neck of the woods, I am going to be coming around to everyone one tonight to catch up on the latest and DaBombMom615 I wish I had a Penis tree to heheh oh yeah what a wonderful life that would be heheh….

So I ask myself as I sit here pondering the meaning of life, What is True Love..

Like ta hear it well here it goes, Imagine that….huh 🙂


     True Love


  1. True love is when you don’t bogart the joint, but instead pass it over to your true love 🙂 this buds for you baby!!

  2.     True love is when you make sure the bowl is always full and never running empty, yeah that is consideration 🙂

  3. True love is when there is no more and you just don’t have the money for more you scrape the resin and save it and share it with your true love.. 🙂

  4. True love is when you save that last used toilet paper roll, with some tin foil, and make your true love a love puffer..heheh

  5. This one is the ultimate proof of love…True love is when you don’t let your true love smoke pot and drive….ALONE :).

Now here are some of the things true love is not….yeah you know your guilty of some of this shit!!!
  When your true love has to yank the joint out of your fingers as your still trying to hit it…fuck how much can your lungs take in without exploding man heheh

 When the damn bowl is always empty and your stoned off your ass and your true love is not……. stingy bastard..

  When your true love is going thru her purse looking for that missing 20 dollars and your ass is on the couch looking just as guilty as the guy who stole Luckys Charms, shifty eyed fucker I know that weeds around here somewhere….:)

  When your in the bathroom filling the homemade toilet paper puffer full and you’ve got the door locked and your true love is banging on the door saying…you motherfucker I can smell that shit clear out here I know what your doing….:)

  When your out on a Joy ride with your friends and smokin da happy pappy and your true love is no where to be found…hehe



 The Odd and Quirky News

Robbery bears fruit

Two armed robbers escaped with a bag of strawberries instead of cash after a mix-up during a raid.

Thieves armed with a pistol held up a terrified postmistress before dashing out of the Post Office in Edenfield, Lancashire, with the fruit, leaving behind a bag of cash.

They sped off in a black Hyundai coupe following the robbery on 13 July.

 I bet the look on there faces was classic when they opened that bag heheheh…Until the next time bye 🙂